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Saturday, January 18, 2014

I'm back! Two years!! Crazy isn't it??

WOW!! Well, HELLO everyone! 
I don't know where to begin, but it's now 2014 and wouldn't you believe that its been about two years since I blogged or anything?  I know right? Well, there is a good reason for it.  One, so much has happened.  My now Husband's Mother has passed December 2011, as for the past few years, I've been helping him take care of his Parent's legal stuff and estate. His Father developed Alzheimer's, and broke his hip in early 2012, not too far after Mum's passing, and so he' had to move Dad to an assisted living facility, and a few weeks after his older Sister, ended up in a coma, due to a heart stroke and a month later she fell and broke her hip AND two months later in 2012 her life partner died from a heart attack.  So, it's been a STING of tests of faith and trials on our family, but you know, God is wonderful, His hand has been and will always be over us and these things. He's also greatly blessed him and I in our lives.  His Mother, was a wonderful lady in Christ and her being a Mum to me was nothing short of a Godsend.  His Dad still remembers us, just not the longer term things and so, we're thankful for that. Gary and I finally married in St. Augustine(Florida) June 2013 and it was EVERYTHING we BOTH wanted, small, beautiful and an absolute DREAM!  And I even pulled off the floral design!! Weird isnt it?  Well I did. So, after 10 years of being together, thick and thin, we finally had the time and it was divinely right to do it.  To be honest, everyone says that people change when married, well, so far, we haven't.  We dont intend to either.  I'm still me and he's still him :) Just as nutty, zany and Disney like as usual.  So, that's the other event.  We've been out playing music as 2Peace more often, so that's fun! 

Just this past week, after taking a LONG hiatus from doing Talk Radio Shows, as for the longest time after a certain one, I just had ENOUGH! I mean, JINKIES!!!  All the fru-fru of people blowing smoke up each others BUTT about being so gifted and all; honestly got on my last nerve. Not to mention, it became draining; and I felt like I didn't make a difference to those who need to know how much God loves us all. Yah, I had a moment and I allowed that frailty to happen.  Let's face it, psychic, spiritually gifted like so, or not, we all are FRAIL as humans. We all fall.  Even those who are Christian, we fall. So, learned alot from that and spent some SERIOUS time in God's word, in prayer and just talking to Him.  You know, after that, everything just came together in my head and spirit to remember who I am and why I do what I am called to do.   So, that took me awhile to get through; and not to mention a few trips to Disney World with Gary.. just to escape, have fun and leave the world and go into a happy place!   So, over 2013, don't want to say it was horrible; I mean, yah, alot of crap happened in life, but also a few souls who were in need came to know Jesus Christ!  So, for me, that reminded me MORE of how God moves in people's lives and why trials and tribulations like that happen.   Its a good thing and it just lets us know that it will grow us up a bit on this planet and give more to those who need it, including drawing lines in our personal boundaries guided in the Holy Spirit of when to stop giving and preserve ourselves in our souls and energy towards people who choose NOT to get it and keep taking.  Anyways, I'm going on.. and on... and on...  to sum it up, this is part of the reason why I haven't blogged in awhile!  The other part, is I just wasn't sure about whatever else to write about.   Well, its been 2 years about and now I have ALOT to write about now.. On to the next!  
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So, there it is.. Stay tuned for the next!  

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Weathering the Storm now Hurricane Issac.. And why not take a Shamanic Journey Part 3 --Water..

Hey again! 
Wouldn't you know Hurricane Issac is skimming around the coast of Florida and into the Gulf?? Seven years almost to the day of Katrina? Wow..
So first and foremost, lets all pray for those who are going to in the front of it.  We in Florida around the Panhandle and where I live towards Gainesville, will be getting the hard parts of it too. 

That being said; we're going to weather it.. praying the trees don't fall on our house! **fingers crossed**.  In this time of the storms, as ugh as it will be; this is the time for a GREAT cleansing of this world and a full restoration and healing of Mother Earth and all its divine energies.   Stinks that humans have to go through it, but if anything, it will actually reawaken nature and those who are in it, it will reawaken them to be the best they can be in this world. 

So, as this goes on, I will be sending out prayers and protection over God's children and taking a Shamanic walk with the Water element in Jesus Christ.  
I will be posting my experience, as every now and again, I love walking within the energies of the elements.  Its sometimes overwhelming, but also you can really feel the presence and love of the Holy Spirit in all creation.  Oh, I will be posting it!  So, stay tuned!  And to those around the panhandle, Louisiana, Texas, Alabama and such, GET THE HECK OUT OF THE COAST and HEAD NORTH! Be safe and TAKE your Animals with you!  

Hugs and God bless, 
THE Divine Readings
(..there, I said it and claimed it again, deal with it..) :P

Monday, August 27, 2012

My three recent BlogTalk Radio Apperances.

Hey everyone!

Well, after a HECK of a long time, I'm back! You may have noticed, I changed from my nickname to my chosen name. Why? Well, it got old and my name Sarajane (Sj) needed to re-emerge.  After much prayer, I have done so.  Much tweaking on DIVINE READINGS (the original), has been done. I have added my Skype feature; both Skype phone and chat.  I am creating another E-Course guided in Jesus Christ. And I have done three Blogtalk radio shows; which I thought, I would NEVER DO; as everyone else psychic and spiritually intuitive guided, does it.   In the ABSOLUTE TRUTH,  the main reasons why I've never done it, was simply because, I NEVER want to make what I do about me.  It isn't.  

For me, and I ask for this everyday, I want it to be about what Father God wants; what His only Son Jesus Christ wants me to do.   When I began Divine Readings online back 2003 full time; I asked for God to do His will through me to help people return to Him and rely on Him for all their needs. If He saw fit to do so.  And because of that He saw fit to allow me to do it, and I am thankful for the souls He brought to me to help them get BETTER than a "when, where, etc. " But a CLEARER understanding of divine will and what was done at the Cross for all of us; and He has provided for this ministry and allowed me to go through what I needed to and have to go through. Good and bad, and that includes all those who have basically copied me. Its still a thorn in my side, as I have worked VERY VERY hard to get to where I am ON MY OWN with the Lord's help.  But, I am coming to a point to where if they feel they want to basically ride that pony to get them more clients and make more money. Have at it.  God knows what the TRUTH and the MATTER of it all is.  My heart is good with that, and those He wants to bring into my path to help them into a place of peace and cut through all the metaphysical and spiritual deceptions out there that are in this industry and in life; will happen either way. 

That's one of the reasons why I decided to do these BlogTalk Radio shows. First is about the love that God has for everyone and to share that Good News of Jesus Christ in the simplest, no nonsense way and in the way that is about love, and to challenge us as humans to step up, get outside ourselves so that we can be truly abundant and blessed.. The way He asked His followers to do.  Second, to let people know that there are advisors who are TRULY in Christ out there who DO CARE about their souls and not about making money by fear like what's out there.  Lastly, since people have seen my website and name out and about are curious; so if I shared something about me without being puffed up and without being pseudo-spiritually intelligence-type; people would get a feel for who I am and what I'm about.  So I am and will make it a habit to do occasional BlogTalk Radio shows; and continue to bring not My Message; but the Message of Ultimate Love, Compassion, Healing and Truth that is in Jesus Christ Lord & Savior.   

The thing about that, is I DON'T run it down people's throats, I DON'T judge, I DON'T harsh preach.  The Message will speak itself in such a way, where I am not in control, God is.

That's me...

Hugs and Peace out..
The REAL Divine Readings.. :P 
..deal with it...
Divine Readings (by Sarajane)

Questions, Comments, Emotional outbursts?  Post them! :)

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Shamanic Journey Pt 2: Earth Element.

I'm back, sorry it took me a few days to do this; what happened to me was very powerful.  This was awesome. I was actually out of body! I felt it and I remember it.   When I went to sleep a few nights ago; I was totally out of it.
I'm not sure how long I was asleep; but I felt myself wanting to get out of body and go walk outside.  So, I prayed and thanked God like I always do in my prayers, ask for forgiveness when I know I've done wrong; you know just baring it all to Him. Anyways; when I called upon the Spirit of God to allow me to feel the Element of Earth; WOW!!

All of a sudden, I felt this calm, grounding sense and I could feel dirt under my bare feet.  I barely opened my eyes and this green minty light was all around me, and then I closed my eyes and I heard this voice in my soul; saying: "All is well, now it begins.".   I felt myself lift out of my body and walk outside.  I could see myself looking at myself sleeping and usually it's very faded in my sight. This time, it was VERY vivid. Almost scary. So, I asked in Jesus' name to protect me and whatever will be, let it be so. 

As I walked throught the patio door into our backyard (which is always very foresty and with plenty of grass and trees).  I could see the moonlight shining bright.  Then I walked over to one of the trees, touched it and it came alive and slowly moved as if it was holding onto my hand.  My hand almost matched the skin of the tree! It was AWESOME!!   Across in my line of sight where our circle of Ferns are at; the two bunnies that live there; popped up and they could see me. 

The sounds of the crickets and the frogs began to grow; almost loudly, so as I felt the ground under my feet move over my toes and feet, I then whispered to them: "Easy guys"; then their sounds quieted down some.

The sand under my feet and my hand on a tree; that was great, as I could feel with each breath and exhale I took, the ground and the tree was almost like breathing with me.  I heard the sounds of the neighbours dogs howl but I also saw two deer in the yard looking right at me. They came up to me and so I took my hand off the tree and petted the deer (lots of deer in Florida!).  Of course I got licked. It was so serene and Disney like, I almost didnt want to wake up!

What was great as I was walking around the yard slowly and these deer followed me, this black bear showed up in the yard, now normally, I'd run, its a Florida black bear, really, okay?   But I didnt; I heard the voice of the Holy Spirit and I asked to make sure it was and I heard a yes.  It was almost like a soft wind blowing.  And I heard; " All things are done by Me and are made new by Me. I Am the Alpha and Omega; You know Me as I know you from the moment I created all.  You need to be reminded that I Love You as I love all my children. Whether they choose to come to Me or not, My love NEVER wanes."  So, I just was taken so aback by it.  I approached the bear and I sat down on the ground; the bear put its head on my lap as did the dear. 

All I can remember was such peace, strength and love of God as I was allowed to feel the element of earth and it creatures.   When it was time, the animals returned to the woods as its right there across from our home, and I just gave thanks and hugged the trees; said thank you for you being here and sharing  your history and knowledge of this land.  I turned my head and saw this HUGE spider weaving (and spiders scare me!); but I looked at it and I could swear it looked at me with its glowing green eyes and brown fuzzy spider thing; It was weaving a silver web which I thought was cool.  So I looked at it and said; keep up the good work!   It was about to approach me and I said; "Lets not do that yet, k? " And of course it didnt, but I could see its head give me a little nod, it was so AWESOME!!

Then I walked back into my house and back into the bedroom; saw me and my man sleeping and just thanked God for allowing me to feel and connect to Earth this way; and thanked Him for this AWESOME creation!  And then I went back into my body, I could almost feel it "snap" me back into place.  Slept well and woke up feeling great, rejuvinated and just back to my peppy self! :)

Monday, March 5, 2012

My Shamanic Journey --It's Time To Do It Again.. The Beginning:


After meditation and prayers; it's time for me to once again, go into the energies of the Spirit of God and fuse myself within His creation; Earth, Air, Fire and Water.   The last time I did this was last year; well.. I do it once sometimes 7 times a year. Only because when I go here between the place of the human and the divine; its just another way to appreciate and celebrate what Our Lord has created.  I'm sure it was way more awesomer at the Time when He and His Shekinah Spirit did it.  You've seen it in God's Holy Word. Everytime He created something, He always began with: "Let Us make..or Let Us create.." --who do you think He was talking to?? His other half, His girly self! :D

And everytime I would travel in the spirit to merge with each element; well, it's indescribable.  Now, to get close to God, its way more easier when I just meditate and pray and ask Him.  But to be able to feel each element within and around you, well ANYONE can do this if their hearts and spirits are open and trusting Father God to hold them and take them there.  Faith is the key.

So this time, I decided to actually write my experiences here.  So tonight before I go to bed, I will pray up in it; and tonight when I sleep, I will ask to merge within the Holy Spirit into the element of Earth.  Then tommorow or the next day, I will share it here. And with that, I will ask in Jesus' name to be able to help you, experience it for yourself. Its obviously awesome for grounding, clairity, peace and understanding of things that are not of this world as Our Heavenly Father will show them to us when we are truly ready. That's up to Him. :)

So.. nitey nite and come tommorow; I will share tonights spirit journey.


Friday, March 2, 2012

Pulling out the "Judgement" card.. and I dont mean Tarot.. :D

Today, at high noon, the first reading I had felt like it was a show-down at the Okay Corrall!  You know,where you feel you were put in a situation where there was no victor?  That's what excatly happened today. So, okay it comes with the profession and the spiritual call.  But HOLY COW!! This person that I read for was, ACHING to push her thoughts and what she thinks down MY throat and TRY to thwart me from delivering the messages from the divine. She was insistant about telling me what she believed (and thats fine, I didnt tell her what I believed; just telling her what was moved in the Holy Spirit what she needed to know); and thats how it is.   She was all about that, and all about picking and choosing what she thought was right according to her and discouraging me to tell her these messages. At the end of it, of course she was disappointed and really told me so, then pulling out that scripture and what was being told to her was being "judgemental".   Wow.. really.  What was funny about it, was when I asked her point blank;  "How is what's being given being "judgemental"?"  Of course she didn't answer that question.
She just went back into her rant.  So, I let her rant, then our time ran out, and I told her; "I'm sorry you feel that way, but God loves you and so meditate and pray about what was given you."   Well of course she hung up. 

Of course it irritated me.   After breathing, ranting myself to the air and to my Husband (might as well call him that, because we've been together THAT long and we are planning to officially marry).  I've come to the conclusion, and I'm sure when you an Intuitive, Medium, whatever, this happens all the time.

What annoys me; is why do people, (and I dont care WHAT spiritual background they have) pull out this stupid, worn out, half-a### excuse of an thing to say to someone just because they feel that THEIR way is RIGHT so that has to be the ONLY WAY!!   Whether we'd like to admit that or not, we all do it.     So, automatically and right now, more so because there are those who truly stand up for the love and gospel of Jesus Christ; and God's Word; (who really are NOT like the self-proclaimed, high and mighty stuck up people who say that they are Christian); who truly are about people's highest divine good when divine TRUTH is spoken, and automatically, when it doesn't fit into said persons belief, spirit ego mentality, and it just strike's a chord God talking to them really, --its all of sudden being "judgemental". 

Really? Is that the best people who choose NOT to be a little humble and open their hearts to the love the Divine Father and Shekinah Holy Spirit (Mom)
has for them?   They can't just for a second LISTEN to the Holy Spirit and REALLY open their hearts to hear the REAL voice of the divine and NOT some deceptive spirit?  Would'nt they want to really know the difference?   Or do they just think that there is NO good vs. evil in Spirit realm?   Newsflash: It exists and dark can always disquise as light to decieve, even naming thing so accurately because Divine Lightbeings aren't the only ones who watch people's lives.  

Yah, I went there.. oh wait, am I being "judgemental"?! OH GAWD OH NO!
Which is why, I tell EVERYONE who I read for; meditate, pray and truly open your heart to know the divine truth. Quiet your brain, Quiet your spirit and listen carefully. God will reveal it to you the things that you NEED to know, NOT what would satisfy your ego.   Yah we all have one.. we all are tempted to use it as our source of divine wisdom.   If John 10:34 says; "Ye all are gods" ; then if we really unlocked that part of ourselves in love and humility, our lives wouldn't be such a mess at times and our inner hearts would actually be at TRUE peace inside. 

I wont call down this person; but I pray that God will always be over them and guide them into what HE knows best! Thats real love, He and Shekinah Holy Spirit are our Divine Parents and like parents, when we're headed for a disaster a BIG disaster or something that isnt meant for us, We will be stopped be4 making it worse.    We are kids, still.   So, would'nt be wise for us to just shut up and stop complaining and look at all the things we should grateful for and realise that God loves us SO MUCH, that He doesn't want us to be miserable.  We cause most of that ourselves thinking we're so much wiser than the Divine.  

I'm learning from this myself and will never stop learning; and no this ISNT about me. Its about those who really need to quit it! 

Just saying..

Huggle-Buggles because Jesus loves us ALL!!

Me. ;)

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

One of my clients passed away yesterday..

This morning, I received a phone call from my client's former husband; and of course he was asking about our sessions, and me being me, I asked him who he was he introduced himself. Then he mentioned that my client passed away and he was going through her phone and other things, and the poor guy broke down over the phone.  I mentioned that I do not divulge personal consults about my clients to anyone unless court ordered to; so he understood naturally. But what I did tell him was that she was in need of divine guidance and Godly counsel and everything that I told her was for her to stay strong in the Lord and always draw strength, peace and love from Him in all of who she is and does.  Of course he was nice and thanked me and I offered prayers and healing to him and the family and to send me an email for her funeral details so I can send something to them.   

We'll see..

Anywhoo, that's a first for me.. Just goes to show you how the circle of life comes around like so.  It wasnt too long ago when my fiance's Mother passed and it happened just like that, in fact, she left her body while he was speaking to her over the phone about freeing herself from the pain and let God heal her and do His will.. Well, it was certainly done and now her and my client are resting in the Kingdom of Heaven.   I guess the way it all happened was for me, a weird kind'a feeling of reality coming over me.  Reminding me to always stay focused in the work I do for Father God; especially as a Christ bound Medium & Shaman, to help those renew, understand or begin their relationship with the Lord and to be happy on Earth and Heaven.   To focus on the gospel and especially, take nothing and no one for granted.

So, I say this to all my clients and those who just found this blog.  Jesus loves you, God loves you, open your hearts and hear His voice speak to you, calling you for powerful change and to be happy.  Allow His love to dwell within you and around you.  Life is short, clear the clutter and let Him in your hearts. He took on all of our shortcomings, hurt, screw-ups and frailties when He died on the cross.  Because of that, we are healed, anew and have a true way to be happy here and in Heaven.   Its not about "religion"; its about being fully healed and fully a blessing and blessed all at once.

If God decided right now to take me from this earth, I just wanted to let everyone know, Jesus Christ is Lord and He loves you all VERY VERY much; youre special to Him even if you dont like Him or dont believe in Him, He will NEVER give up on you.  Talk to Him and see what you get. You'd be surprised.

Nite everyone..